Long Island Adventures

So I recently got back from East Hampton where I was visiting all of my mom’s family. Not only was it wonderful to see them, I have not been to the East Coast in two years, but I also noticed a pattern of healthier eating. My Opa for one, eats an entirely gluten free, vegan diet full of veggies, leafy greens, fruits and the occasional canned salmon or sardines. He recently suffered a severe leg injury that left him with limited capacity to move. By changing his diet he was probably able to relieve inflammation in his joints while also keeping his weight down to dull the pain.

Other than that, it was heard through the family grape vine that I had started eating a vegan diet, and my most gracious and considerate aunt cooked almost entirely vegan dishes to accommodate my lifestyle. Here are pictures of most of the food I ate, as well as a review of my vacation.


BARE Bowls – Eats

Completed my first half marathon yesterday in under two hours, way faster than I was planning on running so super proud of myself and my friend who ran it with me 🙂 Bare Bowls just came to Palo Alto so decided to try it out.

DSC_0084DSC_0082DSC_0085My friend decided on a pitaya bowl topped with bananas, goji berries, and granola. I decided to get a green smoothie with kale, spinach, romaine, banana, date, apple, and water. DSC_0094DSC_0090DSC_0096While they were both really tasty, I try not to make it a habit of going out to eat smoothie based things as it’s much easier/cheaper to make these things at home. Bare was good, but more on the expensive side, both of these items was $8 a piece. Part of leading a sustainable life is not overpaying on things that can easily be homemade. Although that being said I am all for supporting vegan, organic and responsibly sourced healthy food places.