Healthy? Chocolate Chip Cookies

DSC_0019The yummiest chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. The main ingredient swap, besides eggs, is butter for coconut oil. Many sources claim that coconut oil has significant health benefits but the internet is full of so many lies that it gets to a point where you can’t be sure what to believe. My understanding, thanks to wikipedia, is that coconut oil, although higher in calories and fats than butter, contains medium chain triglycerides instead of long chain triglycerides that butter is made up of. The only difference is that medium chain fatty acids are absorbed into something called the portal venous system, referring to the capillaries and veins that drain the beds of the GI tract and spleen into the capillary bed of the liver. Long chain fatty acids are absorbed directly into the lymphatic system, the system that carries a substance called lymph strait to the heart. Whether this is more beneficial for your health and well being, that is completely up to scientific debate.

Molecular structures aside, these cookies are delicious and completely vegan without losing that rich taste. Full recipe courtesy of Daily Rebecca. Full Recipe >

DSC_0002These cookies are quick to make and perfect to share and a more natural, healthier option to store bought cookies. Personally the best part for me is that eating them leaves you with a satisfied feeling without the grossness and heaviness that entails after eating a ton of animal fat.


– Rachael



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