Peanut Butter Cups

DSC_7087These peanut butter cups have only two ingredients in them and no added sugar. They are the perfect two bite chocolate fix that I have found much needed now that senior year is in full swing.


1 cup 72% or higher dark chocolate

3/4 cup unsalted peanut butter (crunchy is good (: )



Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water stirring continuously until chocolate is smooth and melted. VERY IMPORTANT keep a close watch on the chocolate while it is melting since it’s very easy to let it burn, which is chemically irreversible.DSC_7083

Line a cupcake tin with paper wrappers and spread a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom and slightly up the sides. Take a small spoon of peanut butter and add to the center of the spread chocolate. Spread remaining chocolate over the peanut butter layer. Personally I think it’s a bit more aesthetically pleasing if the peanut butter oozes out a little but if you’re a perfectionist the peanut butter can be completely sealed within the chocolate layers. Place tray in the refrigerator for about two hours until the chocolate has firmed up.

DSC_7086 SIDE NOTE: Applying to college has become all consuming in my grade as early apps are due in November. It is EXTREMELY important to maintain balance and continue with the activities that you enjoy. For me it’s maintaining this blog, running, and photography. True, my course load at school is on the more challenging side but I have found that if I don’t take time off to exercise it becomes detrimental to my productivity. Lots of love to everyone with busy lives and enjoy!





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