10609528_852164968127136_8033441215145063972_nAs nearly everyone has been told, yoga IS actually a great way to de stress. HOWEVER, I completely understand that it isn’t for everyone, especially those who prefer faster paced workouts. Personally, I don’t generally do yoga as my main workout, but practice it on my off days or after I’ve completed a tough cardio workout. It’s a wonderful way to stretch your muscles in a continuous, fluid way.

DSC_0044Generally I don’t go to actual classes, I view that as a waste of money since yoga is simple to do on your own, but instead use video tutorials. My favorite is run by this women named Tara Stiles as part of the Livestrong Women’s program.

Link to her page —->

DSC_0041Have fun, and remember to relax!

– Rachael



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