Dinner Party Part 2 | Personalized Cauliflower Pizzas

DSC_0001In an effort to establish tradition as a break from the busy weeks of an everyday student, we, along with a handful of friends, have agreed to have a dinner party the last weekend of each month to relax, make some healthy food, and catch up on our lives. This time on the menu was cauliflower pizza’s topped with either pesto or tomato sauce, grilled portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions, fresh basil, and for everyone else but Rachael, fresh grated romano cheese.

DSC_0007Danielles cauliflower pizza crust is a great alternative way to get in more veggies, and has an earthy, crispy taste. Link to the basic recipe as followed —>http://www.theluckypennyblog.com/2013/05/the-best-dairy-free-cauliflower-pizza.html

DSC_0013To top off the crust, we made a scratch tomato sauce, recipe —>http://www.afamilyfeast.com/italian-tomato-sauce/, and the pesto sauce used in our previous post Dinner Parties.

DSC_0006DSC_0015The resulting meal was light, flavorful and absolutely delicious. It was a great way to get a chance to talk about all different things, generally school stress related, and just have a good, relaxing evening.

Meal was also served with a yummy mixed greens salad with adorable pineapple servers!






– Danielle and Rachael




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