Cinnamon Oat Bran Pancakes

I woke up this morning and needed some kitchen-therapy before diving into college app essays. So, I decided to whip up my favorite cinnamon and oat bran pancakes. The good news: they are completely guilt free! No sugar or flour!

First off, the ingredients: you will need a serving size of greek yogurt (I use non-fat), one egg, cinnamon, two tablespoons of oat bran (I use the Dukan brand) and your choice of berries. I happened to have raspberries and blueberries lying around which I used to top off the pancakes at the end. You could also mix the berries into the pancake mix and cook them to add a natural sweetness.

First things first, mix the greek yogurt and egg in a medium bowl until it becomes a uniform mixture.


Add the two tablespoons of oat bran and mix.


Now, I’m a bit of a cinnamon fanatic, so I added a good three tablespoons to my batter. If you’re not as crazy about cinnamon as I am, go ahead and add as much as you like!


Now, for the berries. If you want to add them to your batter, go ahead and mix them in now. I find it turns out better if the raspberries get a little smushed around. I decided not to add mine to the batter this time an eat them fresh at the end.


Now plop the batter into a hot pan slightly greased with cooking oil and cook until golden brown on both sides.


While the pancakes were cooking, I played with my food…


And there you go! Quick, easy and guilt-free pancakes!

xo, Danielle



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