BARE Bowls – Eats

Completed my first half marathon yesterday in under two hours, way faster than I was planning on running so super proud of myself and my friend who ran it with me 🙂 Bare Bowls just came to Palo Alto so decided to try it out.

DSC_0084DSC_0082DSC_0085My friend decided on a pitaya bowl topped with bananas, goji berries, and granola. I decided to get a green smoothie with kale, spinach, romaine, banana, date, apple, and water. DSC_0094DSC_0090DSC_0096While they were both really tasty, I try not to make it a habit of going out to eat smoothie based things as it’s much easier/cheaper to make these things at home. Bare was good, but more on the expensive side, both of these items was $8 a piece. Part of leading a sustainable life is not overpaying on things that can easily be homemade. Although that being said I am all for supporting vegan, organic and responsibly sourced healthy food places.



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